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First-Class Chimney Repairs in North London

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In the olden day's an open fire was the most popular choice for heating your home, therefore your chimney was an extremely important part of your property. It was used to ventilate your home, drawing hot smoke and toxic gasses up the chimney flue and into the air. 

As time has moved on and with the introduction of other ways in which to heat your home, many chimneys are now unused. However, it is still important to look after your chimney as if left to deteriorate the stonework, brickwork, mortar and lead flashings will eventually wear away which can lead to chimneys collapsing, causing extensive damage to your home, as well as being a major safety hazard to the public. 

We offer the following specialist chimney work: 

  • Chimney removal and repointing 
  • Chimney rebuilds. 
  • Lead step flashing installation, saddle flashings, lead soakers and front aprons. 
  • Brickwork, mortar joints, rendering, flaunching, and coping stone replacement.
  • Chimney cowls and cap installation.
  • Chimney cleaning.